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"The aim of marketing is to make selling unnecessary."

- Peter Drucker, Father of Modern Marketing

In a hyper-competitive digital-driven world of today, your practice cannot thrive on traditional word-of-mouth alone.
You need a Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) to effectively promote and grow your practice. Choose MyPracticeCMO to take care of your practice marketing needs!

CMO is the dedicated Chief Marketing Officer for your practice.

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MyPracticeCMO is a program focused on helping you get the best out of our marketing. The Practice CMO will meet you quarterly to discuss the marketing plans, progress and trending strategies.

What are you missing if you don't attend your Quarterly One-on-One Marketing Strategy Session with your CMO?
  • Detailed overview of the progress made
  • The Backend details of why we do what we do
  • Latest trends in Digital Marketing and how you can grow based on them
  • New techniques and marketing strategies, and how are they applicable to you
  • Quarterly marketing strategy plan based on your requirement and preferences
  • Modifying plans based on the current market every quarter
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MyPracticeCMO – Done For You

This is a program for super busy people - who want someone to manage their marketing for them. They delegate the responsibility of managing marketing to the Done For You - My Practice CMO

What additional benefits do you get from MyPracticeCMO - DoneForYou?
  • Complete Care - An experienced Chief Marketing Officer (CMO) assigned for your practice to take complete care and control of your marketing practices.
  • Personalized Marketing Services - The Practice CMO ensures and implements
  • Personalized Marketing Services to meet the unique needs of your business.
  • Bi-weekly Meetings - To discuss, review and resolve day-to-day marketing issues and concerns.

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MyPracticeCMO is FREE for all members of the Ekwa Growth Club!

To learn more about MyPracticeCMO or MyPracticeCMO – Done For You, call us now on (855) 636 8247 or mail us at OR
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